UVic Childcare Action Group

for Expanded Quality Childcare at UVic

Childcare Expansion Working Group Final Report

Yesterday the CEWG’s final report was released, and it is now available:
UVic child care expansion memo and final report.


40 New Daycare Spots in the Community

Just a note to C.A.G. readers, a new not-for-profit daycare has opened and is taking kids now. Spots are filling quickly…

Little Acorn Childcare Centre website, and flyer.

Draft Agenda for Tomorrow’s Meeting

Here is a Draft Agenda for tomorrow’s meeting…

General Meeting Sept. 22

Our next General Meeting will be Wednesday Sept. 22 3:30-4:30 in room A003 of McPherson Library. This is a nice big room in the basement of the library, next to the Special Collections area.

On the Agenda:

  1. Update on the progress of the Childcare Expansion Working Group
  2. Election of new Executive
  3. Future C.A.G. activities
  4. Other

Please attend this meeting, and also please consider contributing to the leadership of the Group.

Sept. Meeting in the Works

Our first meeting of the term will be in the third week of September, although we haven’t yet scheduled the exact day/time (we’ll keep you posted). At the meeting, we’ll do a couple of things:

  • Provide everyone with an update on the summer activities of Jim Dunsden’s childcare working group
  • Decide where we – CAG – want to be going from here
  • Bring in a new CAG executive (currently we have 4 co-chairs: Sonya, Michael, Andrea and Sara) – see more on this below
  • Replace 1-2 members on Jim Dundsden’s childcare working group – see more on this below

For a variety of reasons, the four current co-chairs are ready to step down, so we’re looking for new CAG members to take on our roles. We’ll be talking about this at the September meeting, but in the meantime please have a think about whether you might want to become one of the co-chairs, and send us an email if you do and/or if you want more information.

Michael and Andrea are also currently on Jim’s working group, and are hoping to be replaced for the remainder of the working group meetings (the group should be wrapping up this term I think). Also have a think about whether you might want to take this over, and email Michael/Andrea if you want more information on the commitment etc. (Michael: mlines@uvic.ca; Andrea: griffore@uvic.ca).

UVic Childcare Expansion Working Group – First Meeting

The four CAG co-chairs attended the first meeting of the university’s childcare expansion working group on Tuesday April 13.

See the Agenda and Terms of Reference for your information. We now also have a complete list of Working Group Members. We only made it to about item #4 in the time allocated and so have not begun discussing stakeholder priorities yet. The CAG raised some concerns about the document, specifically relating to the composition of the working group and the ‘project objectives’ as set out in the document. We hope to discuss these points with you as a group on Monday at the first Visioning Meeting.

As we mentioned earlier Jane Beach has been brought on to facilitate the group. She gave a very informative powerpoint presentation at the meeting. Near the end she suggests four principles to guide the working group discussions as we go forward: quality, access, equity and sustainability. We’ll use these broad categories to guide our visioning sessions over the next two weeks.

Childcare Visioning Sessions

Here are the details again, with location:

April C.A.G. visioning meetings (McPherson Library, room 210)

  • Mon.  April 19 @ 9:30-11:00 a.m.
  • Tues. April 27 @ 9:30-11:00 a.m.